Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new Gentilly Warriors blog. This stems out of an email concerning an armed robbery that was committed in our area, and we feel this is a good way to communicate information for your safety and betterment of Gentilly.

Please use the comments section of each of these posts to leave information on crime (with location , if possible) and meeting notices for our neighborhoods. As this blog grows, we will add more writers and administrators.


2 Responses to “Welcome to the new blog!”

  1. GentillyGirl Says:

    For now I can help with tech stuffs. Once our home is fixed, I’ll keep an eye over southern Sugar Hill.

  2. Ron Windham Says:

    Thanks, Angela, for sharing with the community. I have a number of relatives who live in the area, and am concerned about crime issues. Security and safety should be first! I do have a number of questions: Does Gentilly Terrace and Gardens have a neighborhood watch? If so, who is in charge? What is Marlin Gusman, a councilman and criminal sheriff (who I know lives in the area), doing to address safety issues? Can the area hire off duty criminal sherriff’s deputies (Marlin?) to do patrols? Can we create a special district and pay for additional ploice protection? Can the UNO police (who now have arrest powers) patrol the area? — I am just trying to come up with ideas! Ordinary citizens should not have to deal with the fear that they may be robbed (or murdered) in front of their own homes in broad daylight!

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