Armed Robbery at 4731 Music

From Angela LaFonta-Expose’:

I live at 4731 Music.  Today at about 3 pm, a workman, Ray Ferris was parked in front of my home working up an estimate for the resident across street.  Mr Ferris was sitting in his truck with his door open when a man approached him on foot.  The man asked a question regarding another neighbor’ s home when Mr  Ferris answered his question, he then put a revolver in his side and asked for all his cash.  Mr Ferris gave the robber his cash.  The robber then demanded his truck keys,  Mr Ferris refused to give up his keys, the robber warned him not to follow him and then ran up Music Street to Carnot and turned left.  Luckily Mr Ferris was unharmed.  The police were called and a full report of the robbery was taken.  I spoke to Mr Ferris and he provided the following description of the robber:

African American Male about 28 – 29 years old

about 5’9″ – tall, dark skin – closed crop hair – wearing a black tee shirt and black pants

Mr Ferris indicated that the robber was very calm and seemed familiar with his surroundings.  Byron and Michelle suggested that I send you an e-mail to let you know what happened.  If  you have any additional questions, you can contact me at 283-5465.


2 Responses to “Armed Robbery at 4731 Music”

  1. Maitri’s VatulBlog » Day 562: New Gentilly Warriors Blog Says:

    […] by Norm Whitley, Gentilly resident and UNO faculty member, on an armed robbery that took place at 4731 Music St.* with the comment, “Wouldn’t it be useful if we could publish neighborhood crime, […]

  2. Ron Windham Says:

    Thanks, Angela, for sharing with the community. I have a number of relatives who live in the area, and am concerned about crime issues. Security and safety should be first! I do have a number of questions: Does Gentilly Terrace and Gardens have a neighborhood watch? If so, who is in charge? What is Marlin Gusman, a councilman and criminal sheriff (who I know lives in the area), doing to address safety issues? Can the area hire off duty criminal sherriff’s deputies (Marlin?) to do patrols? Can we create a special district and pay for additional police protection? Can the UNO police (who now have arrest powers) patrol the area? — I am just trying to come up with ideas! Ordinary citizens should not have to deal with the fear that they may be robbed (or murdered) in front of their own homes in broad daylight!

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